Paddock Maintenance

At Akita we are able to offer a wide range of paddock maintenance services to make sure that your paddocks are kept as healthy as possible.  A maintained paddock allows the essential nutrients to grow which is of utmost importance to your horse’s health. Our qualified team will ensure that your paddock is maintained to the highest standard putting the welfare of your animals first.

Our Paddock Maintenance Services include:


We use a flail mover during the growing season in order to keep the grass at the optimum grazing height. This establishes good quality grass and also prevents weeds from growing.


The benefits of harrowing is that by pulling out dead grass and weeds, it encourages the new grass to grow. We carry out harrowing during early spring and in the autumn which coincides with the peaks in the grass growing calendar.


Spraying is an imperative part of paddock management and essential for your animals’ safety as some weeds, such as Ragworts, can be poisonous. We select herbicides carefully to eradicate specific weeds in your paddock.

Spraying can be carried out throughout the year but it very weather dependant. Weeds need to be sprayed during early stage of growth before flowering for optimum effectiveness.

It can take several applications over a period of time to effectively control weeds in grassland.


Reseeding is essential in a paddock as the ground does suffer from constant trampling by horses. Areas particularly affected are feeding areas and gateways. In order to get the best results, we carry out reseeding in early Autumn and Spring. The exact timing is dependent on the weather.

Water installation

We install water troughs including carrying out the groundwork in order to connect the pipes to the mains water supply.


We can install areas of hardstanding, concrete and tracks to and from fields, field shelters and gateways etc.

There are a wide range of options including concrete, crush & run and grass stabilisation matting.


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